Bulldog Poker Player

So what is a bulldog poker player?

Well a bulldog is strong both mentally and physically so as a bulldog player you need to be as well. We can’t be intimidated even by the bigger dogs so we are big believers in the fact that we are the best player at the table and know we can win!

We play to enjoy the game but are winning players, we play to earn money and move up the rankings to bigger, better and more illustrious tournaments.

Our bark is not worse than our bite! We respect other players and rarely argue at the table, etiquette is important but we will not be pushed around or bullied, we are very powerful on and off the table so be wary of a bulldog poker player!

Where do we play?

Well a lot of people tend to visit this bulldog poker site looking for bodog. This is good as bodog is a World leader when it comes to online poker and with $50 instantly added to your bankroll plus earn up to $500 more as you play, where better to begin?

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Poker Bonuses

Site US Bonus Visit
Bodog Poker Bodog Poker US Allowed $1100 Visit
Titan Poker Titan Poker   $2000 Visit
Pokerstars Pokerstars   $600 Visit