Bingo Vs Poker

It’s the battle of the big 2 online games and surprisingly it’s poker vs bingo!

Over the past 2 or 3 years the popularity of online bingo has grown beyond all expectation, this is down to many factors including excellent TV advertising campaigns, free deposit bonus bingo money and a loyal player base who no longer need to sit in crowded bingo halls.

We ask the question which is better poker or bingo?

At bulldog poker we absolutely love nothing more than playing an excellent deepstack tournament or a high stakes cash game, for this reason the answer we give is very surprising. . . BINGO is better!

Ok so maybe not but the fact is that bingo has got something that online poker has lost. With such an emphasis on odds, statistics, raising, 3 betting, 4 betting, limping, position and all the other factors we think about each and every hand many players have forgotten than poker used to be fun! Isn’t that why you fell in love with the game in the first place?

Bingo is fun and the players while away the hours chatting about this and that while playing for little with a chance to win a lot. There is no skill involved and no complexities to get to grips with, buy some bingo cards and hope for the best!

That’s the first thing you notice at an online bingo room, chatting and chat hosts, it all creates a great feel of FUN which is what the online poker World has sadly lost. Life isn’t just about money so maybe it’s time to have some fun!

Lighten up poker people and stop taking everything quite so seriously, have a chat at the table instead of being abusive to someone who out drew you. Poker is fun all you need to do is find the passion you once had.

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